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Free C Sharp Source Code

  1. The Code Project :
    Formed to provide developers with a place to meet and exchange ideas. Intents to provide the resources needed to help developers in their day to day programming, as well as helping them keep up to date with the latest technologies.
  2. ExoEngine :
    A C# OpenGL 3D game engine. Written to show that C# can in fact be used for real-time 3D game engine development. [Open source]
  3. CSharp Corner :
    A free source site for C# and .NET developers. C# and .NET developers can meet and exchange their ideas, code and expertise on the site through discussion forums or submissions.
  4. Open Source Software in C# (C-Sharp) :
    Directory of open source software focused in C#.
  5. C# Warehouse :
    Collection C# code snippets, code examples.
  6. C# Semaphore Implementation :
    A simple implementation of a Counting Semaphore in C#. Pattern : Monitor/Condition Variable.
  7. C# Code Demos :
    Demos of working C# solutions, featuring XML, reflection, SQL and WinForms.
  8. UnrealDownload :
    A free, open source download manager written in C#.
  9. OpenGL for C#:
    Provides C# wrapper for OpenGL & SDL along with some tools. [Open Source ]
  10. Download.cs :
    Source code for a simple C# application that downloads a file from the net using http, and saves it to disk.

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