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Free Visual Basic or Visual Basic.NET Add - Ins

  1. Software with Brains, Inc. :
    Free and value-priced Visual Basic controls and components.
  2. VB Documentation Generator :
    Generates documentation from VB source files. It parses source code and automatically creates table of contents.
  3. Applet Designer :
    converts entire Visual Basic applications to 100% Pure Java. This VB add-in eliminates the need to rewrite VB applications in Java to deploy them on the Internet, intranet or on multiple platforms.
  4. MzTools :
    Add-In for VB5, VB6 and VBA with many useful functions. [Freeware]
  5. Error Assist :
    Error handling management system for VB and ASP applications is integrated with Visual Basic, but can be used with any development language supporting Microsoft COM/DCOM specification.
  6. DevPower Development Tools :
    Freely downloadable ActiveX Controls including modern Office97, Outlook98, and Office 2000 GUI components and controls for application and web site development.
  7. ViewPro ActiveX :
    Add Custom Report Designer to Your App.
  8. Keith Dimmock's Home Page :
    Error Handling addin for VB and a barcode font.
  9. vbAdvance :
    An add-in that enhances the VB build system and IDE. Export functions from DLLs, build console apps, integrate VB with a programmer's editor. [Shareware]
  10. SevenStar Technologies :
    Creator of add-in tools for Visual Basic. Starprint/VB Stardard is a free source code printing tool. StarPrint/VB Professional will print in color. Object Briefcase is a code and control library.
  11. PrettyCode.Print :
    Print vb source code in color easy and pretty. Wide set of features such as font/color customization, auto-indent, and line bracket connections for code blocks.
  12. ABCFind :
    Add-in replace the standard VB Find and Replace dialogs and provides a wealth of powerful search and replace features that significantly increase the day-to-day productivity of a Visual Basic developer. By Atlantic Blue Computing. [Shareware]
  13. Code Viewer Add-In :
    COM Add-in for Visual Basic 6.0 allows to view code in a manner similar to that provided by the Visual Studio .NET IDE, expand and contract sections of code to easily review the logic structure, and can also organise files into custom folders. By L-Space Design. [Shareware]
  14. TurboVB :
    Add-in suite for Microsoft Visual Basic 6 that provides forty add-ins plus other functions. Detailed product specifications, screenshots, and trial download. [Shareware]
  15. Slice and Dice :
    Freeware and Opensource Pattern Replication System hosted by Visual Basic as an add-in. Autmate coding tasks, build forms, modify controls.
  16. vbCorner :
    A corner of VB programming: add-in, ActiveX with free source code. Also, there is "italian" translations for many shareware/freeware programs like FlashGet, Wallpaper Sequencer, Microangelo Studio and Microangelo Creation.
  17. DebugPackager Addin :
    Addin for Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 to handle runtime errors in a compiled projects. Errors are sent to a central error handling location for easy logging or handling. [Shareware]
  18. VBCodeHelper :
    Multi-function add-in program for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 designed to remove some of the more tedious and repetative tasks when building applications.
  19. Visual Basic Code Storage :
    A collection of three VB addins. One for backing up projects, one for calculating time spent on a project and the other for organising code snippets.
  20. jsVB::vbAssistant :
    A free multipurpose Visual Basic add-in desiged to assist in the coding process.
  21. Lockdesign Diagnostic Tools :
    A addin which provides advanced diagnostic tools to aid developers in fault finding and performance evaluation of their VB Projects.
  22. Big Comments :
    A development tool that allows to create large comments that can be pasted into Visual Basic code. It's a Visual Basic Add-In that integrates seamlessly into the development environment.
  23. VBDOXAddin :
    A little Visual Basic 6.0 tool, integrated in the visual Basic IDE to generate automatic documentation in VB with VBDOX. [Open source, GPL]

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