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I am a B.E in Information Technology form Lingaya's Institute of Management and Technology Faridabad, India.

I have worked on VC++, MFC, ASP, ASP.NET ,Sql Server. Currently I am working on Visual C++ and MFC.

I made a free open source firewall for windows which can be find in MYProjects section.

I am currently working in GloalLogic, Noida.

For any comments and suggestions Contact Me at :

MySpace profile: Here

Common Windows PC Problems And How To Solve Them


Common Windows PC Problems And How To Solve Them :

Every Windows computer is prone to problems every once in a while. This is because your computer contains millions of software files and hardware components that work together. Any glitch in any of these files or components can generate an error message or result in the disruption of your system's functioning. Usually, the problem lies in software as they are more vulnerable to errors than hardware components.

The good news is that despite being more frequent, the software errors are easier to deal with as compared to hardware problems. Software issues and problems related to computer applications can be solved without any external assistance. One such recurring computer problem is the DLL error, which happens often but is easy to solve.

DLL files or Dynamic Link Library Files are created by Microsoft with the focus on saving disk and memory space, and also to make applications faster. So they created these library files that can be dynamically called upon to do some specific tasks by an application.

DLL files became extremely popular and soon all software manufacturers started creating and using DLL files in their applications. Today, your computer contains thousands of DLL files and issues with any of them can generate a DLL error message.

DLL error - Causes

A DLL file may occur due to any of the following reasons:

  • Missing DLL file - A DLL file may be deleted from your PC by human error or during uninstallation of another application. Mfc80.dll is one such file which can get deleted and generate an error.
  • Corrupt DLL file - A file may become corrupt due to various reasons and no longer be usable.
  • Malware Infection - Any attack by a virus, adware or spyware may infect DLL files to inflict damage.
  • Conflict between files - Files of two different applications may conflict with each other and cause DLL errors.
  • Driver or Hardware problems - Outdated device drivers or malfunctioning of hardware components create DLL errors. One example is the ntdll.dll error, which is caused by problems in the hard disk.
  • Improper installation or uninstallation. Some required files may get, overwritten, deleted or get left behind during these processes.

DLL error - Fixes

You may perform the following steps to fix a DLL error:

  1. Write down the error message, search for it and find solutions on a DLL help website. If you find a solution, follow it to resolve your error.
  2. In case of missing or corrupt file errors, you may either:
    • Reinstall the application with affected files,
    • Download a new file from the Internet and restore it at the correct location,
    • Use the System Restore feature provided in Windows to restore your computer settings back to an old date when the error did not occur.
  3. If the error is caused by a spyware or a virus, you must make sure that the malware is eradicated. You can use reliable and updated antivirus and antispyware tools for this task.
  4. If the error concerns a device or its driver, locate the exact cause of the problem and replace the driver or reinstall (or repair) the peripheral device.
  5. If the error takes place soon after an installation, you may need to reverse the installation to see if the error is gone.
  6. No error resolution is complete without sweeping your Windows registry with the help of a good registry cleaner which eliminates any issues in the registry that might be behind the error.

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