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I am a B.E in Information Technology form Lingaya's Institute of Management and Technology Faridabad, India.

I have worked on VC++, MFC, ASP, ASP.NET ,Sql Server. Currently I am working on Visual C++ and MFC.

I made a free open source firewall for windows which can be find in MYProjects section.

I am currently working in GloalLogic, Noida.

For any comments and suggestions Contact Me at :

MySpace profile: Here

Sales Invoice System

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Sales Invoice System                             Download

This is a database project .which I made for my six month training.
It is very user friendly Once user has entered the information about the product ,there prices and supplier of the product all these fields will be automatically filled up in the invoice and purchase order form.

As the name suggest Invoice means detailed list with price of goods supplied. Our software is vary reliable, easy to use ∓ the user interface is to good that a user who does not know any thing can also use this software by simply clicking the mouse button and can feed the information about customer as well as supplier. Our software contains two field mainly forms and report.
By using this software Invoice Statements can be made very quickly Just by few mouse clicks.

Once user has entered the information about the product ,there prices and supplier of the product all these fields will be automatically filled up in the invoice and purchase order form.

Tools Used :
1) Visual Basic 6 as Front End

2) MS Access As Back End

Key Features :

1) Searching options in all forms

2) Security options are Provided

a) Administrator Login(Full Authorities)
b) General User (Limited Options)

3) Backup Facility (Create compressed backup of database)

4) Option for compacting the database

5) Automatic generation of Reports(For taking hard-copy of data)

6) Online help and Context Sensitive Help

How to Run :

The program will ask user for login and Password.

there are two types of user general user and Admin.

Admin has all access to add products , supplier , customer. a general user can only enter invoice data for the products , supplier , customer defined by the Admin.

To login as General user :

leave both User name and Password filed as blank and click ok. you will login as general User.

To login as Admin user :
From user menu in login dialog select administrator now title of the login box will be "Administrator Login". Now use the following to login as admin

User name : Root

Password : invoice

note "R" is capital in Root.

Important Note : please note i am not distributing ocx control with the project.As it will much space on my server. you need to have visual basic 6 install on user system. I think would not be a big issue as this project target developers.

Terms and Conditions :
If any one wants to use these projects for his College projects and for personal or commercial use first mail me at Admin@ProgrammerWorld.NET

You are free to use it if you don't make any change in the source code.But you can't use them for commertial purpose or post them to another site.

File is packaged in self extracting formatting for achieving higher compression.
To Download the Software Click Here

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