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I am a B.E in Information Technology form Lingaya's Institute of Management and Technology Faridabad, India.

I have worked on VC++, MFC, ASP, ASP.NET ,Sql Server. Currently I am working on Visual C++ and MFC.

I made a free open source firewall for windows which can be find in MYProjects section.

I am currently working in GloalLogic, Noida.

For any comments and suggestions Contact Me at :

MySpace profile: Here

Bulk Rename :

Introduction :
Bulk Rename Utility is a simple utility which allows you to rename multiple files and folders, based upon flexible criteria. For example, you can add a prefix or suffix to a file, or you can change of the file name.

I create this utility because i usually need to convert all the files in a folder to lowercase to upload my site. as Linux servers are case sensitive.but with time i added more functions to it.

Bulk Rename is completely written in VC++ using MFCYou can download this Bulk Rename with complete source code from the hyperlink provided at the bottom of the page.

Tools Used :
1) VC++ using MFC
2) some nice classes from www.codeproject.com.

Features :

  1. Change case of all the files and subfolders of the selected folder.
    Change case to Lower Case , Upper Case , Title Case.
  2. Replace a character or text with another text from all file name or folder names.
  3. Remove a character or text from all file name or folder names.
  4. Add a suffix or Prefix to all file name or folder names.
  5. A prograss bar shows the Current status.
  6. An Error log is generated at the end of th operation

Requirements :

  1. It must be Run on an OS higher than windows 2000 (i.e Win 2000, Win Xp).
  2. Exe is made using Visual studio 2002. so you need mfc7.0 Dll on your system . or you can compile the code to generate a new Exe.
About Us :

This firewall is made by Sudhir Mangla

For any of your comments, suggestions and queries Please mail me at Admin@ProgrammerWorld.NET

Information :

I have use many third party classes from codeproject.com.

Technical :

Project consists of two parts UI and Backend.

It contains two projects 1.) RenameUtility      2.)BulkRename

1.) RenameUtility :

It consists of UI part from where the user interact with the application.

It implement Callback functions and Worker thread to update the progress bar.

and call CBulkRename class to perform various operation.

2.)BulkRename :

It implements CBulkRename class which perform all the desire operation . this class is implemented as a Regular DLL to extend the functionality in Future releases.

as the user select the folder on which the operation will be performed a therad start calculating the total no of files in that directory that will be used to show progress bar.

as user click a button to perform some action a new thread is launched to performe that action and threw a custom callback function progress bar is updated.

if some error occurred while renaming that file is skiped and operation continue to next file and that file name is added to the error log that will be dislayed at the end of the operation.

it is current a beta release it may contains many bugs.

so please mail me if you find any bugs and if possible also send me a solution to the problem.

Terms and Conditions :
If any one wants to use these projects for his College projects and for commercial use first mail me at Admin@ProgrammerWorld.NET

You are free to use it and are welcome to do further work to improve It and add more features to it. Please send me your source code if you have added new features to it if you like to share it with me.

Download :

Download the file From Here

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