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Dot Net Section :

Free C Sharp Resources

  1. Visual C# .NET :
    Microsoft's official product homepage. Includes product information and resources for developers.
  2. CodeHound C# :
    Free Internet search engine for C# developers. Search Web pages, MSDN KB articles, inside Zip files for C# source code, articles, tips and tutorials.
  3. :
    An index site of C#-related resources. By Developersdex.
  4. C# Station :
    C# language - news and FAQs.
  5. Standard ECMA-334 - C# Language Specification :
    The official standards document.
  6. C# Information Portal :
    Information about various C# resources available like web sites, articles, tutorials, discussion boards and newsgroups.
  7. :
    C# Developer Resources: articles, tutorials, discussion forum, downloads.
  8. HiTMilL C# Page :
    C# related links.
  9. C# Crawler :
    C# weblog and article collection by Sagiv Hadaya.
  10. OCL (Open CLI Library) :
    Intel Labs C# implementation of portions of the CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) runtime library as defined in the draft ECMA CLI specification.
  11. DevASP.Net For C# Developers :
    A Directory of C# (C-Sharp) resources, articles, samples, tutorials, scripts, applications and sample chapters arranged by category.
  12. C# Coder :
    Articles, tutorials and book reviews.
  13. C# Reference :
    Language and programmer's reference (preliminary documentation).
  14. CSharpJournal.NET :
    Dedicated to the C sharp language, Visual Studio dotNET, and Microsoft's dotNET framework. Tutorials, sample code.
  15. Dr.Bob's C# Visions :
    Latest news, articles and book reviews of the C# language and .NET FrameWork in general.
  16. Cutting the C SHARP :
    A weblog on .NET development with C#, by Stijn Guillemyn.
  17. eXtensible C# :
    Provides attribute-based declarative assertions, partial based code verification and obfuscation for C#. Free download.
  18. Instant C#:
    Convert VB.NET code to C# code at the project and code snippet levels. Description, sample screenshots, and ordering information. By Tangible Software Solutions Inc.
  19. Sharp3D.Math :
    A C# library for dealing with numerics on the .NET platform. It contains various mathematical structures such as vectors, matrices, complex numbers and contains methods for numerical integration, random numbers generation and other object-oriented numeric functions.
  20. D4Modelizer :
    A C# code generator. It produces code from a datasource and add managing persistance methods (Add/Modify/Remove) and create Visual Studio Project. It is easy and free.
  21. HKPGEN Plugins Generator :
    Visually design plugins for HTML-Kit and automatically generate source code in .NET C# .
  22. C-Sharpener For VB :
    A Visual Studio addin that converts VB.Net projects to C# projects. [Commercial, free conversion service for open source projects]
  23. :
    A collection of classes written in C# and VB.NET.

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