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Free C Sharp Tools

  1. HTML-Kit :
    Highly customizable free C# editor. Includes syntax highlighting and lookup of online and offline help references.
  2. Clover.NET :
    Clover.NET provides code coverage for .NET projects. Measures method, statement and branch coverage. reports in XML, HTML or via Visual Studio Plugin. A suite of NAnt tasks are provided. [Free for Open Source and Non-commercial projects]
  3. DotGnu Portable .NET :
    An open-source C# compiler and libraries.
  4. C# Rapid Development Kit :
    A series of advanced collections and more than 50 generic algorithms that are designed to complement, not replace, the basic features found in the .NET Framework. [Commercial]
  5. Sharp Develop :
    Free C# editor.
  6. Antechinus :
    A programmer's editor that supports color-coded syntax of the C# programming language. By C Point Pty Ltd.
  7. MonoDevelop :
    A project to port SharpDevelop to Gtk#.
  8. Improve C# plugin for Eclipse :
    Free open-source plugin for Eclipse (itself a free and open-source development environment) with syntax highlighting, content assistant (intellisense for C# keywords), and ability to compile code from within the IDE.
  9. OpenGL for C#:
    Provides C# wrapper for OpenGL & SDL along with some tools. [Open Source ]
  10. db4o :
    An object database written in C# for the .NET platform. Also exist Java version.
  11. Nini :
    A software configuration library written in 100% C# for the .NET Framework. This software contains a concise API for abstracting the access of multiple configuration types: INI, .NET config files, registry, XML files, and command-line options. [Open source, MIT License]
  12. RapTier :
    A template-based C#, VB.NET, and SQL code generator for multi-tier development. [Shareware]
  13. C# Refactory :
    A refactoring, metrics and productivity add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.
  14. Free Compiler Writing Tools :
    Provides C# source for tools written in the tradition of lex and yacc, redesigned in an object-oriented way. By Malcolm Crowe.
  15. TCDesigner Code Generator :
    Generate C# source code and SQL Server stored procedures for entire data tier. Excellent performance without DataAdapters.
  16. Xceed Dot NET Products :
    C# zip and streaming compression components for the Microsoft .NET framework .
  17. eXtensible C# :
    Provides attribute-based declarative assertions, partial based code verification and obfuscation for C#. Free download.
  18. Instant C#:
    Convert VB.NET code to C# code at the project and code snippet levels. Description, sample screenshots, and ordering information. By Tangible Software Solutions Inc.
  19. Sharp3D.Math :
    A C# library for dealing with numerics on the .NET platform. It contains various mathematical structures such as vectors, matrices, complex numbers and contains methods for numerical integration, random numbers generation and other object-oriented numeric functions.
  20. D4Modelizer :
    A C# code generator. It produces code from a datasource and add managing persistance methods (Add/Modify/Remove) and create Visual Studio Project. It is easy and free.
  21. HKPGEN Plugins Generator :
    Visually design plugins for HTML-Kit and automatically generate source code in .NET C# .
  22. C-Sharpener For VB :
    A Visual Studio addin that converts VB.Net projects to C# projects. [Commercial, free conversion service for open source projects]
  23. :
    A collection of classes written in C# and VB.NET.

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