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Free PHP Scripts

  1. PHP-GTK :
    PHP bindings for GTK+.
  2. PHP Live Support :
    Commercial support and CRM solution. Unlimited departments and operators. MySQL powered.
  3. InterAKT :
    Offering PHP tools for MySQL and Ultradev programers. This company also offers PHP components to assist rapid development of enterprise ready PHP web applications.
  4. phpDoc :
    A script for documentation PHP scripts in an intelligent manner. Similar to javaDoc.
  5. stardevelop Live Help :
    A PHP, mySQL based customer support solution that provides a real time chat service for online customers. [Commercial]
  6. DeskPRO :
    Customer support management software with both web and email access.
  7. Stadtaus :
    Provides PHP scripts including a form mail script, an image gallery and a guestbook script. [Commercial]
  8. aeDating :
    A PHP dating script and content management system. By AEwebworks Dating Software.
  9. PHP/SWF Charts :
    A PHP/Flash tool to create attractive web charts from dynamic data.
  10. PhpWiki Project Page :
    WikiWikiWeb clone written in the server-side scripting language PHP.
  11. Ravens PHP Scripts :
    KISGB (an advanced PHP guestbook), KISSQ (Keep It Simple Stock Quote), Nuke modules and patches, SQL tools.
  12. Geek Code Decoder :
    Generator and decoder. The defacto tagline for internet geeks.
  13. Sendcard :
    An e-card program. Includes screenshots, documentation and testimonials. [Open source, Artistic license]
  14. phpOnline :
    A live customer support system using PHP+MySQL+Flash to operate. [Open source, GPL]
  15. phpReview :
    Reviewing system to show online reviews of books, software in multiple languages.
  16. Ashnews :
    PHP and MySQL based News and blogging script. Features multi-tier security, smilies and automated installation system.
  17. BBClone:
    A PHP web counter that logs and show each IP address with reverse DNS, operating system, browser, referring URL, visit time and number of visits in a graphical interface. [Open source, GPL]
  18. PHP Event Calendar :
    A PHP script extending web site's functilality with event sheduler or news archive. [Free for non-commercial use]
  19. AutoIndex PHP Directory Lister :
    Creates a list of the files in a directory on a website, and lets you browse/download them in Windows Explorer-like way. [Open source, GPL]
  20. WiredPHP :
    Banner ad, newsletter and refer-a-friend available for download.
  21. ScriptsToProfit :
    Offering quality free and affordable PHP/MySQL website scripts, including STP Traffic Exchange, STP Reciprocal Manager, STP PHP Code Lock, STP ClickBank Search Engine.
  22. Regular Expression Tester :
    A PHP script to test regular expressions. Shows matching patterns in red. Source code available for download, includes regular expression cheat sheet. Online demo.
  23. Vote! Pro :
    A PHP voting solution for web site with skins support. [Commercial]
  24. SkinTech - Free PHP Scripts :
    A collection of free PHP scripts including phpNewsManager, phpWebMagazine, RateIt!, phpMyQuote, X-Changer, SkinMem, SkinBase.
  25. teSpeed :
    A PHP script will measure the speed of website where it installed and displays the results in 7 comprehensive graphs. [Freeware]
  26. Hitech scripts :
    Free comments manager, guestbook, sample counter, random password generator PHP script.
  27. PHPJunkYard :
    PHP scripts, such as hit counter, guestbook, message board, link manager. Also links to PHP resources.
  28. :
    PHP scripts aimed at novice webmasters. "RadChat" and "RadLinks" are available for download.
  29. EasyFormIt :
    Facility for automatic creation of webforms. Features documentation and downloads.
  30. Netjuke :
    A Web-based audio streaming jukebox for digital music collection. Supports a wide variety of audio formats, has several language translations, randomization features, private and shared playlists, ID3 and Ogg tags and image management. [Open source, GPL]
  31. :
    Fusebox (a system for migrating from ColdFusion to PHP) and examples. Also some useful classes.
  32. Dynamic PHP Menu Script :
    Free PHP menu script that determines the current page and changes the menu to gray out and make an inactive grey link. All with PHP - no javascript.
  33. MD Web :
    MD contact application to use on website so that visitors can contact webmaster easily. MD News, a database driven PHP script that will allow to easily put news updates on site. [Free for non-commercial sites]
  34. AzDG - Azerbaijan Development Group :
    PHP and MySQL based scripts, including AzDGDating, AzDGVote, AzDGGuestbook. [Open source, GPL]
  35. totallyPHP :
    Provide free PHP scripts, such as guestbooks, hit counters, directory lister, as well as handy snippets of code for use in PHP programming.
  36. Code Snippet Library :
    A PHP script for storing code snippets. [Open source, GPL]
  37. EP-Dev :
    Offer free PHP scripts, including EP-Dev Counter, EP-Dev Whois, EP-Dev Forum News. Also provide Invision Board (IBF)mods.
  38. PHPAccess :
    A PHP script that allows non-technical users to configure web-site security via Apache webserver ".htaccess" files.
  39. Holiday Calculations :
    Free library of PHP tools for calculating holidays. It includes actual/observed days, Easter Sunday, day/week of month calculations, and the number of weeks in a month containing a specific day.
  40. VDaemon - Web Form Validation :
    A PHP library that check for errors and, if necessary, display messages to the user. [Freeware]
  41. Presto Poll :
    A PHP coded poll script for a website. It doesn't need any SQL database and it has an admin center for modify all the settings. [Open source, GPL]
  42. kimono :
    A network service monitor similar to sysmon for monitoring server environment and alerting upon failure. It stores all data (by default) in XML format making it very flexible in its use. [Open source, GPL]
  43. :
    Free PHP scripts including messsengers, chat scripts and shopping carts, counters.
  44. FormHandler :
    Basic functionality consists of checking some of the input fields, sending the data to a specified person and displaying a result page. But the basic functionality also includes a mechanism of dynamically loading and executing different modules in different runlevels. [Open Source, GPL]
  45. PHPaint v1.0 :
    A very effective graphical interface for creating, manipulationg, and previewing images made "on the fly" using PHP, the GD Library, and the FreeType module. [Open source, GPL]
  46. phpObjectForms Library :
    phpObjectForms is a fully object-oriented, highly customizable, easily extendable, library for creating and processing HTML forms without writing any HTML code.
  47. HIOX Free Scripts :
    Free php scripts including: Mail/Support Interface, Guest Book, Calendars, Rating System, Image Rotator, DB Query Tool, counters, Visitor Tracking, Calculator, Broken Link Analyser.
  48. Five Star Review Script :
    An Amazon-style review script allows users to rank a product or item on a scale of 1-5 stars and make comments related to the product for other users to read. [Commercial]
  49. phpTimeSheet :
    Timesheet/Timetracking organizer/scheduler using PHP and MySQL, can manage workers, projects, and companies, logging every-day come- and go-times, contracted hours, overtime, workspace and project-hours, attendance-time, holidays, create reports.
  50. Zach White :
    Free Uploading and Downloading Scrips for use on any website. Includes forums for script support and help.
  51. phpComponents :
    Enabling fast distributed access to PHP components. It extends PHP's already powerful URL wrapper functionality. By caching source files, the overhead of fetching remote files is eliminated.
  52. PDF4PHP :
    PHP class that provides support for creating PDF documents without any libraries.
  53. Rampart :
    User authentication for multiple sites and pages through a single datasource and code base.
  54. Daniele Leone's PHP Scripts :
    PHP scripts: PHPphotoAlbum, PHPyahooNews, PHPgoogleSearch.
  55. PHP Addressbook :
    A free PHP based address book that uses a mySQL database and allows to add, edit, view, or delete contacts. It can be integrated into a website, or used as a standalone application.
  56. Freedville Central - Open Source Software :
    PHP scripts, including a guestbook, poll/voting suite, and quote book. [Open source]
  57. PHP Developers :
    Includes mailing list, poll, and guestbook script. [Free and Commercial]

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