Programming Resources:

Windows Tips & Tricks:

Dot Net Section :

Free Visual Basic or Visual Basic.NET Source Code

  1. DevX :
    Source code, tips and tricks. Most source is free.
  2. :
    All code is tested before being posted.
  3. OpenNap: Open Source Napster Server :
    Includes source for Napster type servers. Napster protocols are also listed.
  4. CodeGuru :
    Code is categorized by name and type. Includes a section on Shell commands.
  5. SearchVB :
    One of the most complete VB resources on the net. Source code for almost every want or desire.
  6. Microsoft VB Code :
    The foremost authority on VB has a list of code samples for download.
  7. :
    Searchable. Allows posting of comments and submission of code.
  8. VB Helper :
    Examples, tips and tricks, free downloads, algorithms, and free ActiveX Controls. Also has some book reviews.
  9. Visual Basic Resource :
    Code sorted into categories. Includes multimedia, controls, games. Beginners section includes concept tutorials.
  10. Visual Basic Internet Programming (vbip) :
    Content and examples specifically relate to internet development.
  11. A1VBCode :
    Hundreds of snippets and downloads in all categories including games, databases, ActiveX, API, and ASP. Submit your own code and win prizes.
  12. Code Beach :
    Categorized code, mostly game examples.
  13. Arcata Pet :
    Collection of code samples coded by Don Bradner, including writing to and reading from the registry. (VB 3,4, and 5)
  14. Visual Basic Explorer - Source Code :
    A nice collection of useful source code.
  15. Brad's VB-32 Programs and Samples :
    A collection of 32 bit freeware programs and code samples for the intermediate and advanced developer familiar with the Win32 API.
  16. Visual Basic Code :
    Free code. Copy and paste code from your browser directly into Visual Basic.
  17. IT Toolbox :
    Listing of submitted code. Similar to Planet Source Code.
  18. One-Stop Source Shop :
    The collected works of Karl E. Peterson, author of numerous articles and samples.
  19. AckyNet Visual Basic :
    Game, winsock, and graphics examples. Categorized.
  20. Edanmo's VB Page :
    Source code for VB6 and VB.NET, including shell extensions, controls and type libraries.
  21. Abstract VB :
    Active X controls, tutorials, tips, projects and articles covering VB.NET and VB6. Includes some ASP and C#.
  22. Programmers Heaven - Visual Basic Zone :
    Source code categorized by file type and other resources.
  23. VB RAD Home Page :
    Advanced source code. There is a small number of beginner examples also.
  24. Kather Source Code :
    Free code and utilities. Includes a working with Access databases section.
  25. Simple Version of Culture Model Source Code :
    The University of Michigan Center for the Study of Complex Systems has provided a piece of code that contains multiple VB functions such as accessing Excel spreadsheets.
  26. BlackBeltVB :
    Code for the most experienced programmer. Contains a lot of code from DevX and VBPJ.
  27. Veign - Resource Center :
    Provide categorized collection code samples, sample projects.
  28. Planet Source Code :
    Thousands of lines of Visual Basic, vbscript, java, javascript and active server pages code.
  29. ActiveLock :
    Open source ActiveX control to protect programs from piracy and allow online registration.
  30. vbCity :
    Very interesting code. Including how to bind VB controls to Active X controls, a print spool monitor, and master/detail projects.
  31. Dutch's Software :
    Includes getting file names, long file names, parsing strings, getting Windows and system directories, and passing a control array.
  32. Venky's World :
    Includes samples on the MSN and Yahoo! IM formats. Complete code and code snips for many projects.
  33. PAT or JK's VB Site :
    Code examples, BAS files, custom controls, and freeware programs.
  34. Shrinkwrap Visual Basic :
    Examples of video capture techniques.
  35. The Visual Basic Cell :
    Offers source and step by step tutorials. Also has many descriptions of MS Knowledge base articles.
  36. Visual Basic for All :
    Some handy code tips for the person learning to program.
  37. WolfeByte Solutions :
    Visual Basic Source Code for making Calendar, Clock, Slider, Scheduler and Command Button controls by using only a Picturebox. The Button control is free and provides an example of how these controls are made. All of the VB Source Code for these components is compatible with VB3, VB4, VB5 and VB6. [Free and commercial]
  38. The Visual Basic Index :
    Categorized code site.
  39. Extreme VB :
    Files categorized into several sections including I/O, Web, winsock, databases, subclassing, and OCX.
  40. The Visual Basic Users Code Library :
    The VB and VBA users code library. Contains a VAST library of free source code. The code samples include API, SQL, ADO, ADOX, MAPI, ADO.NET, VB.NET, VB.NET Interop.
  41. VB Games 6 :
    Visual Basic games and projects.
  42. Visual Basic Code :
    A collection of sample code and downloads for Visual Basic. Most of which cover varies topics and skill levels from COM/ActiveX, winsock, database.
  43. Utility Programs :
    Includes exiting windows, printing all the system fonts, loading DLLs, reading VISION files, and a screen saver.
  44. Visual Basic Code Exchange :
    Several projects. Most deal with graphics and images.
  45. Advanced Web Forms - PHP development tools :
    Allows the use of a PHP/HTML form to produce basic HTML invoices.
  46. The Source Sanctuary :
    Site by Christian Ernst Rysgaard. SourceSafe Directory Sync, Clipboard Ramifications, Labyrinth Generator, Frontpage 2000 webbot projects with sources.
  47. Zeto's VB Resources :
    Downloadable examples ,applications, add-ons, and tips and tricks.

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